Assembling a Lauson LB

The following pages are a pictorial essay on assembling a Lauson LB. The Lauson LB, appearing around 1935; is an upgraded version of the Lauson LA.

The lauson LA was in the first group of small engines built in the early 1930ís by Lauson; that group comprising models RA, RAU, RAY, and LA. The LA was the largest in size, weight, and HP of this engine series, weighing around 100 lbs and developing 1 1/2 HP. The LB, in reality, is an LA, but bored for a larger piston giving the engine two HP. In all other aspects, the LA and LB appear to be identical.

This LB is the assemblage of two incomplete engine carcasses; both having sufficient deficiencies that prevent either from being a running engine. Iíve used the gear reduction drive unit, crankshaft, and block from one of the carcasses and some auxiliary components from the other. Since the cylinder on the original engine I received was heavily scored from a loose wrist pin, I had high hopes of using the block from a second engine I received. This engine however had a shattered block, thus requiring me to use the former block. This took me down a path of placing a sleeve in the cylinder bore which is a procedure I hadnít done before. I go through that process in this renovation.

The renovation of this engine takes up where I begin the renovation/assembly procedure.

Sleeving the bore
Assembling the valve train
Inspecting the piston and connecting rod
Replacing the main roller bearings
Installing the crank and cam shafts
Installing the piston
Installing the oil pump and sump
Installing the governor
Repairing and installing the gear reduction drive
Installing the carburetor
Installing the magneto
1st Run
odds and ends

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