Assembling a Lauson LMH

Lauson LMH

These pages pertain to the renovation of a Lauson LMH225. You can also use this narrative to help you with the renovation of the Lauson LMV (which is the vertical shaft version of the LMH) or the LMC, since the LMC differs only slightly from the LMH (by a smaller bore). The article begins after the engine has been disassembled and prepared for sandblasting, re-painting, and re-assembly.

Below details the step by step renovation:

Some Preliminary checking
Installing the Valves
Installing the Crankshaft
Install Magneto Plate
Installing the Piston and Connecting Rod
Installing the Engine base
Install and Time Magneto
Installing the carburetor
Installing the Blower Housing and Gas Tank
1st Run
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