Renovating a Lauson PAH

The following pages are a pictorial essay on renovating a Lauson PAH. I acquired this engine by a contact I gained through my YouTube channel. In one of my videos I stated that I was looking for a Lauson PAH. I was contacted by a collector in New Jersey who stated that he had a Lauson Model PAH and probably wouldnít get around to restoring it; he asked me if I was interested in the engine. After the passage of a little time and after a few email exchanges, the engine was in my hands.

PAH engine upon receipt On the outside, this engine looks like a near basket case, but it turned out to be an engine well worth saving. The preceedinig link will give you an idea what it looked like upon arrival.

Disassembling the PAH Disassembly is the time when you find out, for the most part, what youíll be up against in getting the engine renovated and running again. Itís a time of discovery, where there can be elation or disillusionment. Iíll show you what I look for, and what I feel are important for the renovation of a Lauson air cooled small engine.

Sand blast and paint The next order of business is to clean all the parts, sand blast to remove the rust, and then prime and repaint.

Installing the valves Now reassembly can begin. We start with the valves.

Installing the crankshaft After installing the valves, the crankshaft should be installed.

Installing the piston The next order of business is to install the piston.

Installing the governor Once the piston has been installed, the governor shaft should be installed.

Installing the oil pump and base Time to install the oil pump and engine base.

Installing the magneto plate This page describes the procedure for installing the magneto plate and magneto, as well as timing the magneto. It describes the problems I had in getting a spark from this magneto, and how I went about solving the problem.

Installing the carburetor, adjusting the governor On this page I install the carburetor and adjust the governor.

Installing the clutch This page describes the procedure for installing the clutch that came with this engine. I still don't know the manufacture of this clutch assembly, so if someone out there in internet land knows, please drop me a line.

First run of engine (well, almost) As described on the linked page, the first few runs of this engine didn't go quite as smoothly as I would have liked; still I finally (after a little tweaking) did get it to run fairly well.

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