Renovating a Lauson RSC

The RSC is the most popular small engine to be built by Lauson. These engines were built, starting in 1937, through WWII, and into the early 1950ís. They were replaced by the Lauson RSH, an upgraded version of the RSC.

This article covers the renovation of a RSC676 built in 1946. This RSC is equipped with a Tillotson ML-1B carburetor, the most popular carburetor supplied on the RSC. This engine also has a gear reduction drive unit. The article provides a thorough description of the assembly procedure for this engine and covers some of the unique situations you might face in working on the RSC.

Getting Started
Assembling the valve train
Installing the Crankshaft
Assembling the Governor
Installing the piston
Installing the Oil Pump and base
Installing and Timing the Magneto
Installing the Gear Reduction Drive
Cleaning and Installing the Carburetor
Odds and Ends
First Run
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