Assembling a Lauson TLC

The following pages are a pictorial essay on assembling a Lauson TLC. This particular engine, a Lauson TLC-366 is equipped with a gear reduction drive. I didnít think about making this essay until the engine had been disassembled, cleaned, sandblasted, and re-painted; so the renovation takes up just as I begin assembling the engine.

Though I didn't replace the bearings on this engine, I have had to on other TLC. The replacement beearings are:
PTO side: consolidated 87604
Magneto Plate site: WC87504
These should be the same bearings used for the TLM, the TLH, and the TLV

Installing the Valves
Installing the Crankshaft and Piston
Installing the Governor
Installing the Engine base and Oil Pump
Install Magneto Plate and Time Magneto
Installing the carburetor
Installing the Gear Reduction Unit
1st Run

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