Assembling a Tecumseh V20

The Tecumseh “V” series of engines were the next logical progression from the Lauson SLV and VA series. I was keen to acquire one of these engines and inspect it, since it is the first product that should be considered to be a Tecumseh product after the Tecumseh purchase of Lauson. The Tecumseh “V” series were marketed as early as (possibly) late 1957 and though this is nearly two years after the demise of Lauson, some version of this engine must have been on the drawing boards of the Lauson Manufacturing Company’s Engineering Department at the time of the Lauson purchase; though development and production of this engine was undeniably, Tecumseh.

In acquiring this engine, I was also anxious to see if Tecumseh had adopted the recommendations made by the University of Michigan in their evaluation of the Lauson VA (That study can be read here ), in that we would anticipate this engine to be an “improved” Lauson VA. A rigorous inspection of this engine in light of the above mentioned evaluation, leads me to believe that the recommendations proposed in the University of Michigan evaluation were adopted in the design and manufacture of the Teumseh “V” series of engines. In addition, Tecumseh also appears to have changed several “service” related issues, such as the arcane way Lauson attached the tank/blower housing to the engine block.

As expected, internally and externally this engine is nearly identical to the Lauson SLV and VA. This was such a successful design that Tecumseh made few major changes to it throughout the years; other than changes required by emissions regulations and a general deterioration of the quality of the product, driven by marketing and general business pressures.

Below details the step by step renovation:

Installing the Valves
Installing the Crankshaft
Installing the Piston and Connecting Rod
Installing the Engine base and Oil Pump
Install and Time Magneto
Carburetor and Governor linkage
1st Run

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