Lauson Small Engines

Lauson Gaskets

I’m not aware of a source for Lauson gaskets, so if you restore a Lauson engine, you will undoubtedly need to make a few of your own. You are free to copy and use these gasket patterns. I’ve had good luck using the rubberized gasket material sold at most auto parts stores for everything but the head gaskets and carburetor gaskets. It’s around .030 inch thick and seems to work well.

You will need head gasket material to cut a head gasket (as well as a way to cut it)

Cardboard, such as you find in a cereal box, works well or the carburetor gaskets

I will warn you ahead of time, that if you plan to print these gasket patterns and use them as a template to cut your own gaskets, you need to make sure that your computer/printer does not alter the size of the gasket when printed. Take a look at your printer properties and see if you can set it up to print “true size” as opposed to “fit to page” or other size altering options. I’ve tried very hard to produce these images “true size” but you are on your own when you reproduce them.

To assist you in determining if your printed image is “actual size” I’ve included an eight inch rule on each sheet. Check this and make sure the rule measures eight inches and if so, you should have a good “actual size” gasket pattern. The graph paper I've used as a backing measures four divisions to the inch.

Printing instructions

Click the image; this will open a new window and load the image to that window. In the new window, use your browser functions to save the image to a file on your computer. (For Intenet Explorer you would click "file" on the top left of the window and then "save as"; you would then supply a file name in the directory of your choice and click "save".

Once you have saved the file image; go to that image and open it with your favorite picture viewer ( I use Microsoft Office Picture manager). Print the image by following whatever procedure you would use to print a picture. Pay special attention to the print options so that your couputer does not size the image to fit the paper you are using.

Lauson RSC Gaskets

To the left is a pattern for the RSC magneto plate gasket and the valve cover gasket. These can be cut from standard .030 inch rubberized gasket paper.
To the left is a pattern for a RSC head gasket, a Tillotson ML-1B carburetor gasket, and a gasket for the crankcase breather.

The head gasket should be cut from standard head gasket material

The crankcase breather gasket can be cut from standard .030 inch rubberized gasket material.

The carburetor gasket can be cut from cardboard, such as you might find on a cereal box.
To the left is a pattern for the RSC base gasket. This can be cut from standard .030 inch rubberized gasket paper.
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