Lauson Small Engines

Credits and Acknowledgements

Much of the information on this website comes from the research and writing of Mac Sine. Mr. Sine has written several articles for Gas engine Magazine regarding Lauson and I've traded Emails with him on occasion where he has provided me with information in several areas where it was needed. I credit Mr. Sine with identifying the various different models of small engines Lauson built and providing us with their approximate build dates.

Additional information on this site comes from the research and writing of Bill Vossler, another person who has written articles for Gas engine Magazine regarding Lauson. His information helped me "flesh out" some of the details regarding John Lauson, the founder of the Lauson company.

I'd like to thank the New Holstein Historical Society for providing me with a picture of John Lauson so that I could post it to this site.

I'd like to thank John Newman, Jr. of Saint Louis, MO. for his kind assistance in helping me solve some of the problems I was having in working on my Lauson engines back when I was just getting started. His kind and thoughtful mentoring has been very much appreciated.

Finally, I need to thank a whole group of my friends; Tony Sears, for giving me access to some of his his equipment for use in the renovation of many of my engines; Barrett Richards, for his advice and support as I tackle many of the technical problems related to renovating old engines; Dr. Gordon Miner, who has assisted me in numerous ways and is a constant companion at the engine shows I attend; and Gale Arnold, who on numerous occasions, helps me with my engine exhibit at the shows.

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