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Lauson Decals

You are free to copy and use these decals. I've had good luck with water transfer decal paper that is available from multiple places on the web (google "water transfer decal paper"). I've had better luck with the white decal paper than I have with the clear paper, and remember- if part of the decal is white you MUST use white decal paper. Your printer will not print white.

Follow the instructions completely. I've had good success with:

For all decals, click the decal to get a larger cut/pastable rendition

Lauson Decals

This decal was used for early Lauson engines. I've never seen this decal on a small engine, but you might find it handy.
This is another decal that I've never seen on a small engine, none the less; you too might find it handy.
I've seen this lettering on some of the early Lauson Small Engines (such as the LA / LB). Since I've only seen a picture, I don't know if this is a decal or the name "Lauson" cast into the blower housing. This decal would be appropriate for what I've been calling a 1st generation engine.
This is the standard decal used on all but the earliest versions of RLC, RSC, RSM, TLC, and PAC. There is some debate as to whether this decal should be yellow or gold. Most original engines look more gold than yellow; most folks think that the decal was yellow and faded to gold with time; others say it always was gold. This is one of those situations where you "pays your money and takes your chances" as they say.
At some time lauson switched the decal from the above yellow decal to this decal. I'm thinking was around the time of the Tecumseh buyout, or shortly before. You see these decals appearing on mid-1950 era engines. I've seen them on RSH, 55S, 55A, 55AB, RSV, TLH, TLV, LMH, LMV, R, V, and P-25. My rule of thumb is, if you think your engine was built in the early 1950's, use the yellow oval decal; if on the other hand you believe it was built in the middle to late 1950's use this decal.
This decal was used on the SLV and the vertical shaft VA. It might have been used on the very early alloy block V series, but I suspect most V series had the Tecumseh decal below.
This decal is provided courtesy of John Damtoft of NY city (who's photo-editing skills far exceed mine)
This decal was used fairly quickly after Tecumseh took over Lauson. You see this decal on ther alloy block H and V engines.
This decal was used on the steel oil bath air cleaners found on the RSC and TLC.
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