Lauson Small Engines

Lauson Literature


Note: all dates provided for catalogs are speculative
Catalog 13 cira 1908
Catalog 14 cira 1910
Catalog B cira 1934

Price Lists

1940 Montgomery Wards Price List This ad contributed by Dick DeBuse
1944 Montgomery Wards Engine Identification This ad contributed by Dick DeBuse
1958 Price List

Replacement Lists

1958 Engine Replacement List

Engine Specifications: 1st Generation Engines

Lauson RAY

Engine Specifications: 2nd Generation Engines

55A Specifications
55AB Specifications
55S Specifications
CH17 and CH20 Specifications
Goodall Manual of Instrictions / Repair Parts List
Inboard Marine Identification
LMC-164 Specifications
LMH-225 Specifications
LMV-500 Specifications
P-25 Specifications
PAC-174 Specifications
PAH-300 Specifications
PAX-300 Specifications
PMM-826,827 Specifications
R Specifications
RLC Manual of Instructions / Repair Parts List this manual contributed by Mark Salzsieder
RSC-591 Specifications
RSC Manual of Instructions / Repair Parts List
RSH-737 Specifications
RSH Owners Operating and Maintenance Manual
RSV-800 Specifications
TLC-349 Specifications
TLC Manual of Instructions / Repair Parts List
TLH-650 Specifications
TLV-900 Specifications
V-1 Specifications

Engine Specifications: 3rd Generation Engines

SLV-1 Specifications
SLV-50 Specifications
VA-7 Specifications

Engine Specifications: Tecumseh Engines

H Specifications
HR Specifications
V-17 Specifications
V-20 Specifications
V-22 Specifications
V-25 Specifications


Lauson Accessories
partial list of carburetors used on Lauson engines
Lauson Overhaul Manual
Wico F & FG Service Manual
Wico F & FG Parts Manual


University of Michigan evaluation of Lauson VA-7

Outboard Motors

Manual of Instructions and Repair Parts Catalog Model S-353this manual contributed by Mark Salzsieder
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