Lauson Small Engines

Craig DeShong

This is me, making a few fine adjustments to the carburetor on my 1929 Lauson VA at a show. I'm a born Pennsylvanian, but have spent over half my life in the South. I now make my home in North Carolina, and I try to attend as many of the local shows as my schedule allows.

My education is Engineering but my career has been in Information Systems; still I have an interest in things mechanical. Years ago, with the help of a few patient friends, I gained enough tool room expertise to construct a Live Steam locomotive, and since then, I've built a few engine models and have machined a few parts for the Lauson engines in my collection when parts just couldn't be found.

Now that Iíve retired I spend a lot of time in the shop and Iíve taken to building Ĺ size replicas of some of the engines Lauson built. You can see them Here if you wish.

How I ended up being a Lauson advocate

Years ago while attending an engine show, I came across an interesting small engine. I didn't know what it was at the time (it had a Montgomery Wards tag on it), but I thought it was interesting and the price was "right" so I bought it and brought it home. I fiddled with it for a while and finally got it to run. Some internet searching showed that it was a Lauson RSC, and more research showed the engine to be a Lauson RSC-591. As time passed, I acquired a few more small engines of different manufacture, but the Lausons seemed to "grow on me" for some reason; I suspect I was drawn to their clever and compact design.

There seemed to be no one actively collecting them (as there was with Briggs and Stratton engines) and there seemed to be very little information available about them. Always rising to a challenge, I decided that collecting Lauson engines might be interesting and I set about to learn as much about them as I could. Somewhere along the journey, I've become a Lauson advocate. I've managed to acquire nearly one example of every air cooled small engine model Lauson built, and I've acquired a lot of literature pertaining to Lauson. Hopefully, this web site will allow me to share with you what I've collected and what I've learned along the way.



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