Lauson Small Engines

How can I find the Lauson part I need?

I don’t stock parts for sale, so please don’t ask me if I have something.

Lauson parts can be problematic to find. Tecumseh stopped making Lauson cast iron engine parts years ago, and with Tecumseh now out of the small engine business all together, you will not be able to acquire Lauson parts from Tecumseh. By and large, Lauson parts will be acquired from “donor junk” engines (engines being parted out), or the occasional NOS (new old stock) parts cache that show-up occasionally.

Lauson parts will fall into two categories: those that can be substituted, and those that must be original. Parts such as oil seals and bearings can be substituted with “modern” equivalents (the “new departure” ball bearings Lauson used are sized metric and have modern replacements) Modern oil seals are usually a little thinner than the original but work well. I usually cut my own gaskets from auto parts store gasket paper, the head gaskets can be acquired from gasket makers such as gaskets-to-go, a sponsor on SmokStak. Many other parts can be made, depending upon your skill at fabrication (my LMH has a “home made” piston).

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The internet has opened the world to us, so make use of it. You will see the occasional Lauson part for sale on eBay, and the “Small Engines” page on Enginads may get you access to someone with the part you need. Also, social Internet sites (such as Yahoo) have interest groups. Find and subscribe to a few groups and start asking your questions. You’ll reach a wide group of people and someone my be able to help you.

Local engine shows will have engines for sale in all different conditions, you may be able to pick up a donor engine with the part you need. Talk to the exhibitors and hand out your business cards. They may well know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone who can help you.

Good luck in your search and be patient; I’ve looked for years for a part.

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