My 1/2 size Lauson Replicas

Lauson replicas

In this section of the website I describe the 1/2 size Lauson replicas Iíve been building.

Now that I'm retired, I've taken to building models of some of the Lauson engines detailed in the site. Iím trying to make these models as true a representation of the full size as possible (for my skills at least). Some compromises have been made because Iím not using castings but rather am machining the entire engines from bar stock and replicating the shape of some castings via machining is impractical.

The general procedure I use to create one of these models is:

  • Make carefull measurements of the full size
  • Design the model (Some internal parts just don't scale well to ensure a robust, dependable model that will run dependably. I make internal comprimises when requried so that the parts are durable enough to withstand use.)
  • Produce CAD drawings of the parts
  • Obtain the steel, cast iron, aluminum, etc. and then machine the parts
I have hundreds of hours invested in the design and construction of each of these models.

RSC A 1/2 size RSC591
TLC A 1/2 size TLC349
VR A 1/2 size VR
As my collection of these 1/2 size model grows, my intention is to add additional pages to this section, so please return from time to time.
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